Celebrate National Tradesman Day on September 21

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Celebrate National Tradesman Day on September 21
National Tradesmen Day, initiated by Irwin Tools (developer of the vice-grip and other tools), aims to heighten awareness of the role of professional tradesmen. They are the central focus of this occasion.

Tradesmen contribute meaningfully to our lives in so many ways. As Irwin says, they are the ones who ...

* keep the world running when things break down;
* keep the water flowing every day;
* build us a place to call home;
* give our kids a place to learn;
* keep us warm in winter and cool in summer;
* make sure our vehicles keep moving;
* put the lights back on and make sure they stay on;
* put anything and everything back together again.

From building our homes, schools, and churches, to keeping our cars running and pipes from leaking, America's professional tradesmen are the backbone of our nation.

Professional tradesmen usually see their job as a calling. And, it's not just about doing the work, it's about doing their life's work. To show respect for the role that professional tradesmen play in the world, National Tradesmen Day points up the value of the contributions they make to society and to our nation.

Fero & Sons Insurance and Allstate honor our local tradesmen. We work for and protect members of organizations in many industries - perhaps one that your small business falls into. Members of of trade groups such as American Subcontractors Association, Restoration Industry Association and many more receive insurance discounts through the Allstate Affinity Program. Let Fero & Sons Insurance thank you for your hard work and dedication by reviewing your business insurance coverage.

Tracy A. Fero is a General Lines, Life and Health Agent with Fero & Sons Insurance. For additional information visit www.feroinsurance.com or call (352) 489-2412.

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