Stay Safe at the ATM

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That corner ATM seems so familiar, but don't let down your guard. Stay safe:


Guard you PIN number. In 1/3 of ATM card frauds, cardholders wrote their PINs on their ATM cards or on a slip of paper they kept with their cards.

Never put your receipt in the trash. Put your money away immediately.
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Stay Safe at the ATM

If one is available, use a machine in an enclosed vestibule with windows. Or select an ATM that has a station guard, working security camera, emergency telephone, and doors that lock.

Be careful at carnivals or festivals where you might have to use an ATM but you will have little choice of location.

Never accept help from anyone who offers advice if your card is taken by the machine. They may want to watch you enter your PIN.

If you are approached by someone after making a transaction, go to a public place and stay there for at least 15 minutes.

In case of a robbery always surrender your card and money upon demand and report the robbery to law enforcement.


It's safer to use most ATMs during the daytime. If you know you'll need more money, for example when you are leaving on a trip, don't wait until the last minute. Withdraw the money the day before, because if the ATM you need is out of service, it will take time to go to another location. That could alter your schedule or result in a missed flight.
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